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As a MRN Service provider, we have developed a portal to support the initiative of Future Work Company to facilitate the needed tools and infrastructure to be able to higher needed Saudi Nationals to support current businesses as hourly rate when needed as needed.

About us

Our Goal is to link the businesses with Job seekers to provide the services needed during high seasons and occasions for the time needed with a pre defined hours and hourly wages .

We will categorize jobs as per the business needs for companies. and as per the Kingdoms Vision on developing and expanding of the development of human resources. and Utilize the expertise of saudi Nationals to help and support small and medium businesses.

Our main focus if to link businesses with the proper job seekers capable to completing the task with affordable cost.

Targeted Jobs
Entry Level Jobs:

Temporary Jobs:

With the expansion on the Entertainment and Tourism sectors; new job opportunities to supper the need for these businesses. The type of need in nature that is seasonal and temporary are most suited for Students and part timers looking to utilize their time better, gain some skills, and make some extra money while schooling. These jobs are best for Cinemas, Sport Arenas, Entertainment Events, Historic places where the Kingdom has shown strong growth in these activities.

Seasonal Jobs:

Saudi Arabia have an opportunity on seasonal Jobs during Hajj & Omrra ,National days , and National holidays and associated events. During the time, large number of manpower are needed to support the businesses on the season. Companies will be able to higher needed staff for the time they are most needed on an hourly rate.

Higher Profissional

Temporary Need for Professional Jobs:

Small and medium companies need experienced professionals but can not afford their wages to higher permanently; or they are only needed for specific task. This is a good use of MRN; where you higher needed skilled professional on Hourly rate. Jobs such as:

Cyber security


Software Engineering


Computer Engineering

Human resources

Computer science and programming


Information Systems

Electronic Engineering

Targeting flexible work in terms of


All age group permitted to work under the Saudi labor law from age 16 to 65 Saudi Nationals.


MRN does not differentiate on the gender male of female; both have equal opportunity.

Job sector

All business sectors are eligible to higher using MRN; you can higher up to 30% of your Saudi Human Capital under MRN for all business types. For Business sector in Entertainment and tourism; there is no limit on the percentage to higher.

Education level

Different Education level may be needed according to the task on hand. You will find opportunity for Students of age and College students as well as Entry Level and seasoned professionals.


There are some limits on the eligibility of higher: Government Employees or Retired

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